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North American Filter Corporation

NAFCO North American Filter Corporation
MicroStream Filters

Air & Gas Filters

Gas Particulate/Coalescing Pressure Housings

You can depend on a system from North American Filter Corporation to come through, no matter what type of pressure you put it under.

Whether it's full vacuum or 10,000 psi, one cubic foot per hour or 300 million cubic feet per day, at temperatures up to 700° F, we'll deliver.

It begins with our patented Real Filter® cartridge, which is at the heart of what makes the NAFCO filter a better filter. We match specific cartridges to your particular application.

Whether you need a coalescer to remove oil and water from natural gas or compressed air, or a filter to remove particulate from a gas stream, NAFCO cartridges simply work more effectively. Efficiently. Economically.

We have the design and engineering ingenuity to meet virtually any filtration need. We've designed and fabricated simplex housings and duplex systems out of carbon steel, stainless steel and other high alloy materials to ASME standards. We've installed systems into pipelines as large as 48" in diameter.

We're knowledgeable in a wide variety of pressure filter applications, including:

  • Natural gas
  • Process gas (N2, O2, He, Ar)
  • Digester gas systems
  • Air dryer systems
  • Gas separation systems
The patented design of NAFCO filters and systems means you get easier, more economical installation and maintenance. Longer life.
And, finally, Filtration Integrity

Product Series
Purpose/ Objective
Flow Capacity
Connection Size


Solid particle removal from air/gas stream
(med-light loading)

Air/Gas Lines
Instrument Air
Natural Gas Pipe Lines
Process Gas Streams

Up to 300 MMSCFD

Up to 1440 psig

Up to 48"

1-40 Micron Radial Fin Cartridge


Solid particle removal from vacuum lines
(med-light loading)

Pump Filter
Vacuum Casting/Molding
Packaging Laboratories

Up to 15,000 CFM

Full Vacuum to 15 psig

Up to 24"

1-40 Micron Radial Fin Cartridge


Coalescing liquid, aerosols and particulate removal from compressed air/gas lines

Compressed Air/
Gas Lines
Instrument Air Dryer Prefilters
Process Gas
Natural Gas

Up to 107,000 SCFM

Up to 720 psig

Up to 12"

99.9% 0.3 Microns
(Aerosols) 2-Stage Coalescing Tube


200 Westshore Boulevard Newark, NY 14513
(800) 265-8943


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