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North American Filter Corporation

NAFCO North American Filter Corporation
MicroStream Filters

Air & Gas Filters

No other filter performs this well under pressure.

You may think you have filtration integrity - but do you? By merely making do with conventional filters, you might be doing serious damage to your system. At the very least, you're losing time and money through inefficient operation, shortened life span and excessive maintenance.

North American Filter Corporation was founded on the belief that things could be done better with the application of new materials, design innovations, and sophisticated engineering and manufacturing skills.

The result has been the superior NAFCO Real Filter® and Sure Seal® cartridges. Superior in performance, ease of maintenance and savings. And, most importantly, a NAFCO filter system comes with an exclusive lifetime filter cartridge agreement.

NAFCO Air/Gas Filters

Application Listings

Solid particulate removal

Coalescers aerosol & particulate removal

  • Instrument air
  • Natural gas
  • Process gas
  • Dryer pre filter & after filters
  • Vacuum pump
  • Vacuum casting/molding
  • Plant air
It's time to clear the air about filtration integrity.

NAFCO Filter versus Convention Filter diagram

Contamination has met its match.

Damaging particles downstream can mean downtime, so we engineered ways to stop contamination cold.

North American Filter Corporation is proud to present the patented Real Filter® cartridge and the complete NAFCO family of filtration systems. A new generation of filters that reflect a new way of thinking about filtration.

First, there's the seal. Since the gasket design used by our conventional competitor leaves room for contaminant bypass, we searched for a better solution. We found it ... in our patented design, the Real Filter® cartridge that unifies the seal with the filter core.

There's more ... a better fin design that's obstruction free, so it won't restrict flow. In fact, you'll get up to 50% greater flow capability because of a better utilization of filtration area. Additionally, a rugged flange-end design eliminates fin deformation and fatigue caused by the pressures of installation and operation.

We can meet any filtration need with our complete filter system built around our Real Filter® and Sure Seal® filter cartridges.

Contact us to learn more about what NAFCO can do for you. Start installing the filters that will let you put a stop to contamination ... before contamination puts a stop to your system.

NAFCO Real Filter and Sure Seal filter cartridges


200 Westshore Boulevard Newark, NY 14513
(800) 265-8943


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