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North American Filter Corporation

NAFCO North American Filter Corporation
MicroStream Filters

Product Brands

North American Filter Corporation provides the filtration market with a wide selection of industrial filtration products and systems for air, gases and liquids. Our four product brands offer products ranging from 0.1 micron to 100 micron filtration.

  • NAFCO - NAFCO designs and manufactures air intake, compressed air/gas pressure vessels and liquid filters. NAFCO's compressed air/gas and liquid filters are designed with NAFCO's patented Real Filter® or Sure Seal® Filter cartridges which eliminate contaminant bypass and provides greater flow capacity. NAFCO filters are designed for industrial gas production, natural gas pipelines, chemical and petrochemical processing and power generation.

  • Refilco® - Refilco®, established in 1934, specializes in the manufacture of replacement filter cartridges for the removal of particulate and water from lubricating, hydraulic and fuel oils. Refilco® cartridges are available to replace cartridges made by over 100 different U.S. and foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). Refilco® products protect bearings, valves, seals, pistons, injectors and many other critical components from premature failure by removing harmful solids and contaminants.

  • MicroStream® - The MicroStream® product line specializes in the design and manufacture of filtration products for liquids and gases for the most critical applications. Typical filter media used are polyester, polypropylene and PES membrane media. Absolute or nominally rated filters range from 0.1 to 90 microns. MicroStream® filters have a wide application in pharmaceutical, electronic, and in the food and beverage industries. Applications include filtration of water, solvents, gases, etchants and many chemicals.

  • Crystal-Line™ Technology - NAFCO's Crystalline™ technology will help maintain compressor efficiency and significantly reduce the failure rate of compressors caused by corrosive gases. As the leader in compressor air intake filtration technology, NAFCO ensures maximum protection from corrosive gases and sub-micron particulates. Complete compressor protection is achieved using NAFCO's Crystalline™ gas filter systems in series with our proven particulate removal panel filters.


200 Westshore Boulevard Newark, NY 14513
(800) 265-8943


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